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Aug 09

Black Hat USA 2015 & DEF CON 23 (2015) Presentation Slides Posted!

Slides from both of my talks this week in Vegas are now posted. There are some differences between the talks, though the primary content is similar/same. DEF CON 23 (2015) Talk Detail Black Hat USA 2015 Talk Detail Note that while some of the content is the same (mainly Blue Team information), I describe exploiting …

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Aug 07

Kerberos Golden Tickets are Now More Golden

At my talk at Black Hat USA 2015, I highlighted new Golden Ticket capability in Mimikatz (“Enhanced Golden Tickets”). This post provides additional detailed on “enhanced” Golden Tickets. Over the past few months, I researched how SID History can be abused in modern enterprises. As part of this research, I reached out to Benjamin Delpy, …

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May 07

Windows 10 Microsoft Passport (aka Microsoft Next Generation Credential) In Detail

At the Microsoft Ignite conference this week, there are several sessions covering Windows 10 features. One of biggest changes in Windows 10 is the new credential management method and the related “Next Generation Credential”, now named Microsoft Passport. There hasn’t been much information on how the new credential system works, so I challenged myself to …

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May 03

Detecting Forged Kerberos Ticket (Golden Ticket & Silver Ticket) Use in Active Directory

Over the last 6 months, I have been researching forged Kerberos tickets, specifically Golden Tickets, Silver Tickets, and TGTs generated by MS14-068 exploit code (a type of Golden Ticket). I generated forged Kerberos tickets using Mimikatz (Mimikatz Command Reference) and MS14-068 exploits and logged the results. Over the course of several weeks, I identified anomalies …

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Feb 18

Interesting KRBTGT Password Reset Behavior

Following up on Twitter conversations (@passingthehash, @scriptjunkie1, gentilkiwi, etc) on the new KRBTGT Password Reset Script and Skip Duckwall’s (@passingthehash) blog post on how KRBTGT password changes work. Microsoft KB2549833 states that the KRBTGT password is set automatically to a random string when a new password is entered. This occurs because there is special logic …

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Feb 11

MS15-011 & MS15-014: Microsoft Active Directory Group Policy (GPO) Vulnerabilities Patched

On February’s Patch Tuesday (2/11/2015), Microsoft released two patches that fix issues with the way Group Policy is processed by the client. Interestingly enough, one of these vulnerabilities (MS15-014) makes the other one (MS15-011) not only feasible, but quite capable. The Attack Scenario: An attacker leverages the vulnerability described in MS15-014 to prevent/stop Group Policy …

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Jan 19

Attackers Can Now Use Mimikatz to Implant Skeleton Key on Domain Controllers & BackDoor Your Active Directory Forest

Once an attacker has gained Domain Admin rights to your Active Directory environment, there are several methods for keeping privileged access. Skeleton Key is an ideal persistence method for the modern attacker. More information on Skeleton Key is in my earlier post. Note that the behavior documented in this post was observed in a lab …

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Jan 16

Active Directory Domain Controller Skeleton Key Malware & Mimikatz

Dell SecureWorks posted about the Skeleton Key malware discovered at a customer site. The Skeleton Key malware is installed on one or multiple Domain Controllers running a supported 64bit OS. The malware “patches” the security system enabling a new master password to be accepted for any domain user, including admins. This enables the attacker to …

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Jan 14

Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2012 R2 Complete Documentation

Microsoft took all the Windows Server 2012 (& 2012 R2) documentation and posted it as a single PDF! Version: 1.0 File Name:  WS12_R2_and_WS12_TechNet.pdf Date Published: 2/18/2014 File Size: 125.9 MB This download is an Adobe® PDF of the entire contents of the Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012 section of the Microsoft TechNet …

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Dec 15

Detecting MS14-068 Kerberos Exploit Packets on the Wire aka How the PyKEK Exploit Works

MS14-068 References: AD Kerberos Privilege Elevation Vulnerability: The Issue Detailed Explanation of MS14-068 MS14-068 Exploit POC with the Python Kerberos Exploitation Kit (aka PyKEK) Exploiting MS14-068 Vulnerable Domain Controllers Successfully with the Python Kerberos Exploitation Kit (PyKEK) This post shows the packet captures I performed using WireShark on the Domain Controllers during stage 1 and …

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