Tag: Active Directory

May 01

BSides Charm (2017) Talk Slides Posted – Detecting the Elusive: Active Directory Threat Hunting

I recently presented my talk  “Detecting the Elusive: Active Directory Threat Hunting” at BSides Charm in Baltimore, MD. Slides are now posted in the Presentations section. I cover some of the information I’ve posted here before: PowerShell Security Detecting Kerberoasting: Part 1 and Part 2   On Sunday, April 30th, 2017, I spoke at BSides Charm in …

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Jul 19

Black Hat USA 2016 Talk – Beyond the MCSE: Active Directory for the Security Professional

This summer in Las Vegas, I’m speaking at Black Hat USA 2016 on Active Directory security, “Beyond the MCSE: Active Directory for the Security Professional.” This talk covers the key AD security components with specific focus on the things security professionals should know. I put this talk together because I have noticed that while Active …

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Sep 12

Kerberos, Active Directory’s Secret Decoder Ring

Kerberos Overview Kerberos is a protocol with roots in MIT named after the three-headed dog, Cerberus. Named because there are 3 parties: the client, the resource server, and a 3rd party (the Key Distribution Center, KDC). Kerberos can be a difficult authentication protocol to describe, so I will attempt to simplify it as best as …

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Aug 15

Removing an Orphan (inactive) Active Directory Domain

Removing an Orphan (inactive) Active Directory Domain One of my customers has a forest with several domains, one of which hasn’t been used in a while (call it domain “RedShirt”). The 2 Domain Controllers in the domain, “RedShirt” both tombstoned. Yes, I know, how does that happen? ALWAYS monitor your environment. Since the domain hasn’t …

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Jul 27

RODC Trick: Remove a User’s Password from a RODC without forcing the user to change her password

TechNet (RODC FAQ) states: How can you clear a password that is cached on an RODC? There is no mechanism to erase passwords after they are cached on an RODC. If you want to clear a password that is stored on an RODC, an administrator should reset the password in the hub site. This way, …

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Feb 15

Active Directory Security Group Resources

Laura Robinson (Microsoft) has 2 posts which are excellent resources when working on your Active Directory delegation model. These posts focus on the concept of an “Admin-Free Active Directory” meaning that there are no accounts in the powerful AD groups: Enterprise Admins, Domain Admins, Administrators, & Schema Admins. The posts also list all of the …

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