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Configuring Two-Factor Authentication for Web (Cloud) Services

Don’t want your web (cloud) account password to get hacked? Enable Two-Factor Authentication (aka two-step verification)! Google Account: Visit this site and follow the instructions to configure your cell phone as a second factor Step 1:  You’ll enter your password Whenever you sign in to Google, you’ll enter your password as usual. Step 2:  You’ll …

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US-Based Azure VMs With Static IP May Get Foreign IP Addresses

Interesting side-effect of the enormity of the infrastructure behind a public cloud service. Some Azure customers may have noticed that for a VM deployed in a US region, when they launch a localized page on a web browser it may redirect them to an international site. The following explains why this may be happening. Potential …

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XEN Hypervisor Vulnerabilities

And you were wondering why Amazon had rolling reboots of EC2 recently… From the Whitepaper “FROM RING 3 TO RING0: EXPLOITING THE XEN X86 INSTRUCTION EMULATOR” (bitdefender): ABSTRACT While a VMM can provide a considerable level of security by isolation, it is generally true that by increasing the code-base that runs on a given host …

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