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Comparing ASLR on Windows & Linux

Two key differences regarding Linux & Windows Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR): ASLR is not as prevalent in most Linux distributions as it is on modern Windows systems. ASLR cannot be force-enabled for applications on Linux, as EMET can do on Windows. Read the entire article at

ShellShock/BashBug – Bash Vulnerability Affects Linux, Unix, & Mac OSX

10/01/2014 Updates: Shellshock: Vulnerable Systems you may have missed and how to move forward VMware Begins to Patch Bash Issues Across Product Line Honeypot Snares Two Bots Exploiting Bash Vulnerability Updated (9/29/2014): PowerCLI script for checking VMWare systems.for BashBug vulnerability ShellShock webscanner Dark Reading: New BashBug vulnerabilities surface Dark Reading: Making Sense of ShellShock Chaos …

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