Category: Hypervisor Security

How Attackers Extract Credentials (Hashes) From LSASS

I performed extensive research on how attackers dump credentials from LSASS and Active Directory, including pulling the Active Directory database (ntds.dit) remotely. This information is covered in two newer and greatly expanded posts: How Attackers Dump Active Directory Database Credentials Attack Methods for Gaining Domain Admin Rights in Active Directory   Attackers can pull credentials …

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XEN Hypervisor Vulnerabilities

And you were wondering why Amazon had rolling reboots of EC2 recently… From the Whitepaper “FROM RING 3 TO RING0: EXPLOITING THE XEN X86 INSTRUCTION EMULATOR” (bitdefender): ABSTRACT While a VMM can provide a considerable level of security by isolation, it is generally true that by increasing the code-base that runs on a given host …

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