Category: Hardware Security

BadUSB Exploit: USBDriveBy

Samy posted a simple Mac OSX exploit leveraging the BadUSB vulnerability. USBdriveby is a device you stylishly wear around your neck which can quickly and covertly install a backdoor and override DNS settings on an unlocked machine via USB in a matter of seconds. It does this by emulating a keyboard and mouse, blindly typing …

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BadUSB Overview (Presentation & Slides) & Recent Release of BadUSB Exploit Code

BadUSB – The problems with USB One of the best talks I saw at BlackHat USA 2014 was on security issues with USB that are built into the spec (i.e. can’t be changed easily). BadUSB Black Hat USA 2014 Presentation Slides BadUSB Black Hat USA 2014 Presentation Video Here are the primary reasons why USB …

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