July 2015 archive

Black Hat USA 2015 Red vs Blue Active Directory Attack & Defense Talk Detail

Next week at Black Hat USA 2015, I will be speaking about Active Directory attack & defense in my talk “Red vs Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks Detection and Protection”. This is the 3rd iteration of this talk and includes the latest updates to attack methods and defensive strategies. I’m including lots of updates and …

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It’s All About Trust – Forging Kerberos Trust Tickets to Spoof Access across Active Directory Trusts

In early 2015, I theorized that it’s possible to forge inter-realm (inter-trust) Kerberos tickets in a similar manner to how intra-domain TGTs (Golden Tickets) and TGSs (Silver Tickets) are forged. Around the same time, Benjamin Delpy updated Mimikatz to dump trust keys from a Domain Controller. Soon after, Mimikatz gained capability to forge inter-realm trust …

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