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May 01

BSides Charm (2017) Talk Slides Posted – Detecting the Elusive: Active Directory Threat Hunting

I recently presented my talk  “Detecting the Elusive: Active Directory Threat Hunting” at BSides Charm in Baltimore, MD. Slides are now posted in the Presentations section. I cover some of the information I’ve posted here before: PowerShell Security Detecting Kerberoasting: Part 1 and Part 2   On Sunday, April 30th, 2017, I spoke at BSides Charm in …

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Oct 18

BSides DC (2016) Talk – PowerShell Security: Defending the Enterprise from the Latest Attack Platform

This Saturday at BSides DC, I am presenting on the current state of PowerShell security in a talk called, “PowerShell Security: Defending the Enterprise from the Latest Attack Platform.” I cover some of the information I’ve posted here before: PowerShell Version 5 Security Enhancements PowerShell Security: PowerShell Attack Tools, Mitigation, & Detection Detecting Offensive PowerShell …

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Jul 19

Black Hat USA 2016 Talk – Beyond the MCSE: Active Directory for the Security Professional

This summer in Las Vegas, I’m speaking at Black Hat USA 2016 on Active Directory security, “Beyond the MCSE: Active Directory for the Security Professional.” This talk covers the key AD security components with specific focus on the things security professionals should know. I put this talk together because I have noticed that while Active …

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Jan 18

So You Want to Speak at a Security Conference?

After performing research at the end of 2014 on Microsoft enterprise security, specifically Active Directory, I realized that others may be interested in this information – my customers certainly were! So, I decided to submit a talk to the various security conferences and see what happened. I certainly didn’t expect to be accepted at 5 …

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Sep 25

Sneaky Active Directory Persistence #15: Leverage AdminSDHolder & SDProp to (Re)Gain Domain Admin Rights

The content in this post describes a method by which an attacker could persist administrative access to Active Directory after having Domain Admin level rights for 5 minutes. I presented on this AD persistence method at DerbyCon (2015). Complete list of Sneaky Active Directory Persistence Tricks posts AdminSDHolder Overview AdminSDHolder is an object located in …

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Aug 19

Great Active Directory Attack & Defense Resources

I have found the following resources to be excellent when it comes to attacking & defending an enterprise with Microsoft products (Active Directory, Windows, etc). This was created in response to the many questions regarding who to follow (Twitter) or what blogs to read. 🙂 Microsoft Platform Security Resources:

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Jan 23

Shmoocon 2015 FireTalks Videos

The ShmooCon 2015 Presentation Videos are posted. The ShmooCon Firetalks (2015) are posted: Opening – @grecs PlagueScanner: An Open Source Multiple AV Scanner Framework – Robert Simmons (@MalwareUtkonos) I Hunt Sys Admins – Will Schroeder (@harmj0y) Collaborative Scanning with Minions: Sharing is Caring – Justin Warner (@sixdub) Chronicles of a Malware Hunter – Tony Robinson …

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