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DEFCON 2017: Transcript – Hacking the Cloud

Let’s look at recon in a cloud-type environment. You have a customer. They’ve hired you to come in and pen test, red team their environment, and they said, “We want to add cloud to the scope.” What does that mean? How do we identify what sort of cloud services they have? Continue reading…

US-Based Azure VMs With Static IP May Get Foreign IP Addresses

Interesting side-effect of the enormity of the infrastructure behind a public cloud service. Some Azure customers may have noticed that for a VM deployed in a US region, when they launch a localized page on a web browser it may redirect them to an international site. The following explains why this may be happening. Potential …

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Azure & Active Directory

  Azure is big. It’s really big. Seriously, it’s hard to comprehend just how big it really is. (Apologies to Douglas Adams.) In July of last year, then-CEO Steve Ballmer stated that Azure data centers held “comfortably over a million physical servers.” Last year, Azure server purchases accounted for 17% of all server purchases worldwide. …

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Azure Active Directory Stats

  Over 2.9 Million Organizations are using Azure Active Directory More than 10 Billion Authentications per week Azure Active Directory is spread out across 14 data centers Contains more than 240 million user accounts Organizations using Azure Active Directory across 127 countries Supports over 1400 integrated third-party apps Azure AD Statistics

Great InfoWorld Interview with Mark Russinovich on Azure and Cloud Computing

InfoWorld has a great Interview with Mark Russinovich, Microsoft Technical Fellow, on Azure and Cloud Computing. I included my favorite quotes below: Intro: Mark Russinovich is a legendary figure in the computer industry. A former teenage hacker who went on to earn a PhD in computer engineering from Carnegie Mellon, Russinovich cofounded Winternals Software — …

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