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How Attackers Dump Active Directory Database Credentials

I previously posted some information on dumping AD database credentials before in a couple of posts: “How Attackers Pull the Active Directory Database (NTDS.dit) from a Domain Controller” and “Attack Methods for Gaining Domain Admin Rights in Active Directory“. This post covers many different ways that an attacker can dump credentials from Active Directory, both …

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How Attackers Use Kerberos Silver Tickets to Exploit Systems

Usually Golden Tickets (forged Kerberos TGTs) get all the press, but this post is about Silver Tickets and how attackers use them to exploit systems. I have talked about how Silver Tickets can be used to persist and even re-exploit an Active Directory enterprise in presentations at security conferences this year. This post continues this …

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DEF CON 23 (2015) Red vs Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks & Defense Talk Detail

This week at DEF CON 23, I will be speaking about Active Directory attack & defense in my talk “Red vs Blue: Modern Active Directory Attacks & Defense”. This is the 4th iteration of this talk and includes the latest updates to attack methods and defensive strategies.This DEF CON version has a new segment I …

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