Tag: ADReplication

Feb 18

Interesting KRBTGT Password Reset Behavior

Following up on Twitter conversations (@passingthehash, @scriptjunkie1, gentilkiwi, etc) on the new KRBTGT Password Reset Script and Skip Duckwall’s (@passingthehash) blog post on how KRBTGT password changes work. Microsoft KB2549833 states that the KRBTGT password is set automatically to a random string when a new password is entered. This occurs because there is special logic …

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Nov 15

Active Directory Replication Overview & USN Rollback: What It Is & How It Happens

If you have experienced event id #2095, then you understand how a USN Rollback can negatively affect AD consistency. What is a USN? The USN (Update Sequence Number) is an Active Directory database instance counter that increments every time a single change is committed to the AD database on a Domain Controller. The USN is …

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Nov 01

Active Directory Domain Trusts & Trust Password Management

Recently a customer asked me about Active Directory Domain Trusts and how the passwords were managed. I replied with some educated guesses based on how AD manages a variety of passwords. After stating how I thought it worked (and mentioned that I wasn’t sure), I decided to look it up. I was mostly correct. Every …

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Oct 22

Powershell Code: Determine LastLogonTimeStamp Replication Time

It seems that I have been asked to provide a lot of user (& computer) logon information over the past few months. In order to provide this information, I (as others have) leveraged the LastLogonTimeStamp attribute to determine when a user (or computer) logged on last. Assuming you have a Windows 2003 forest mode Active …

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