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Detecting Forged Kerberos Ticket (Golden Ticket & Silver Ticket) Use in Active Directory

Over the last 6 months, I have been researching forged Kerberos tickets, specifically Golden Tickets, Silver Tickets, and TGTs generated by MS14-068 exploit code (a type of Golden Ticket). I generated forged Kerberos tickets using Mimikatz (Mimikatz Command Reference) and MS14-068 exploits and logged the results. Over the course of several weeks, I identified anomalies …

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BlueHat 2014 Slides: Reality Bites – The Attacker’s View of Windows Authentication and Post-exploitation

Each year, Microsoft invites security researchers (aka hackers) to speak to Microsoft employees about security issues. One of the most interesting talks listed at “BlueHat” 2014 was the one by the “Pass-the-Hash” experts, Chris Campbell, Bejamin Delpy, and Skip Duckwall. This talk will focus on the how Windows authentication works in the real world and …

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Active Directory (and other) Security Resources

I just posted a “Security Resources” page that is a tab at the top of the site. This page contains useful security resources I have found over the years and plan on updating the content as needed. Active Directory (and other) Security Resources

Security Considerations for Active Directory (AD) Trusts

  TechNet has an article on the Security Considerations for Active Directory (AD) Trusts. This is a must read to fully understand the issues with the security implications of trust configurations. Potential Threats to Interforest Trusts Security Settings for Interforest Trusts Minimum Administrative Credentials for Securing Trusts Trust Security and Other Windows Technologies Related Information …

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