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Windows Computer Primary Group IDs

Primary Group IDs are the RIDs for the Domain groups. The full list is here: Interesting Windows Computer & Active Directory Well-Known Security Identifiers (SIDs). 515 – Domain Computers 516 – Domain Controllers (writable) 521 – Domain Controllers (Read-Only) This information helps filter computer objects to return only the desired computer type. Domain Computers (Workstation …

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PowerShell Code: Active Directory Domain Controller Discovery

There are several different ways to find AD Domain Controllers (DCs). Here are a few: AD PowerShell Module: Discover the closest Domain Controller running the AD web services (support PowerShell AD cmdlets): import-module activedirectory Get-ADDomainController -discover -forcediscover -nextclosestsite -service ADWS discover – find a DC forcediscover – re-discover a DC and not use a cached …

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