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Kerberos & KRBTGT: Active Directory’s Domain Kerberos Service Account

Every Domain Controller in an Active Directory domain runs a KDC (Kerberos Distribution Center) service which handles all Kerberos ticket requests. AD uses the KRBTGT account in the AD domain for Kerberos tickets. The KRBTGT account is one that has been lurking in your Active Directory environment since it was first stood up. Each Active …

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PowerShell Code: Check KRBTGT Domain Kerberos Account Last Password Change

From my GitHub Repo: Get-PSADForestKRBTGTInfo ¬†This function discovers all of the KRBTGT accounts in the forest using ADSI and returns the account info, specifically the last password change. Currently, the script performs the following actions: * Queries a Global Catalog in the Active Directory root domain for all KRBTGT accounts in the forest by querying …

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