Intel vPro Technology Security

In every modern (recent) Intel processor, there is a remote access

Hardware Secrets posted:

Intel’s vPro technology provides IT managers with a collection of security and manageability features, including remote access to the PC independent of the state of the operating system or that of the computer’s power. The newest vPro processors include an identity protection technology with public key infrastructure (Intel IPT with PKI), which provides a new second layer of authentication embedded into the PC that allows websites and business networks to validate that a legitimate user is logging on from a trusted PC by using a private key stored in a PC’s firmware. In addition, the chipset has Intel’s Secure Key, a hardware-based random number generator that businesses can use to encrypt applications, OS Guard malware detection and prevention technology, and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) Deep Command, which is designed to allow remote patching.

Intel’s website provides more details.

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