PowerShell: One-liners to Get You Started

Some of the scenarios covered in the blog post:

  • The server rebooted recently – who did it and when exactly?
  • Is there an easy way to see if KB2862152 is installed?
  • I need to backup all of the GPOs in the domain every day
  • What are the IP settings on my system(s)?
  • What are the BIOS versions on my systems?
  • Are all of my DCs GCs?
  • Which accounts in my domain are enabled and set to never expire the password?
  • How can I parse an input file of some AD attribute for users (SAM Account name in this case) and map those entries to another attribute for those users (the DN in this case)?
  • What is the OS version and Service Pack level for all of my Windows systems in a certain OU?
  • Stop and/or Start all of your lab (Hyper-V) VMs



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