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Mandiant MIRCon 2014 Presentation Slides

Using some Google-Fu, I was able to find some MIRCon 2014 presentation slides (sorry, no videos yet). Mandiant MIRCon 2014 Presentation Slides: R&D Track: An Insight into Symbiotic APT Groups IR Track: The Best and Worst APT Malware OSX Malware Plists, Shell Scripts and Object-C Oh-My!  APT Detection with Whitelisting and Log Monitoring Management Track: …

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Hack Attack Method Whitepapers

The best way to develop the best defense is to study the offense’s methods. Here are several recent reports that detail current modern network attacks: Mandiant APT Whitepaper Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Verizon Enterprise DBIR 2014

New APT Approaches

The Trend Micro Security Intelligence Blog has an interesting article on how hackers are using legitimate tools as part of APT attacks.   In our 2013 predictions, we noted how malware would only gradually evolve without much in the way of significant change. This can be seen in the use of some (otherwise legitimate) hacking tools …

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