PowerShell v5 Preview

PowerShell Magazine notes that the September 2014 preview of Windows Management Framework 5.0 (PowerShell v5) is available for download here.

Here’s a list of changes as noted in this article by PowerShell Magazine:

Some of these changes are:

  • Generate Windows PowerShell cmdlets based on an OData endpoint
  • Manage .ZIP files with new cmdlets
  • DSC Authoring Improvements in Windows PowerShell ISE
  • New Attribute for defining DSC meta-configuration
  • Use partial configurations DSC
  • Cross-computer synchronization through DSC
  • Get the current DSC configuration status
  • Compare, Update, and Publish DSC configurations
  • Audit Windows PowerShell usage by transcription and logging
  • Extract and parse structured objects out of string content
  • Extend the item noun to enable Symbolic Links
  • Develop with classes in Windows PowerShell
  • Register a PSRepository with PowerShell Get
  • Network Switch management through Windows PowerShell (improvements)
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