AD Reading: Active Directory Database

The following are extremely useful resources for understanding the Active Directory Database.

AD Database

o   Data Store Architecture

o   Data Store Protocols

o   Data Store Interfaces

o   Data Store Logical Structure

o   Data Store Physical Structure

o   Data Store Processes and Interactions

o   Network Ports Used by the Data Store

o   Related Information

o   Directory Tree

o   Storage Limits

o   Directory Data Store

o   Object-Based Security

o   Growth Estimates for Active Directory Users and Organizational Units

o   Data Characteristics

o   Windows 2000 SAM Storage

o   Data Model

o   Container Objects and Leaf Objects

o   Directory Partitions

o   Transaction Log Files

o   Temporary Transaction Log Files

o   Reserved Transaction Log Files

o   Checkpoint Files

o   Database Files

o   Temporary Databases

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