Apr 29

AD Reading: Active Directory Read Only Domain Controller

The following are extremely useful resources for the Active Directory Read Only Domain Controller (RODC).

Read Only Domain Controller

o   Understanding Planning and Deployment for Read-Only Domain Controllers

o   RODC Branch Office Guide

o   Appendix A: RODC Technical Reference Topics

o   Appendix B: RODC-Related Events

o   Appendix C: Acronyms Used in This Guide

o   Installing Remote Server Administration Tools

o   Administering the Password Replication Policy

o   Who Should Use This Guide?

o   What Is an RODC?

o   RODC Placement Considerations for Windows Server 2003 Domains

o   Prerequisites for Deploying an RODC

o   Known Issues for Deploying an RODC

o   Steps for Deploying an RODC

o   Steps for Administering an RODC

o   RODC Frequently Asked Questions

o   Appendix A: Client Operations

o   Appendix B: How the Authentication Process Works with RODCs

o   Appendix C: Application Compatibility with RODCs

o   Appendix D: Steps to Add an Attribute to the RODC Filtered Attribute Set

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